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gig | Madison - Ardells (with Steve Miller & Boz Scaggs)
photo | Ben in ‘63
photo | Ben on Union terrace
photo | Ben on Union Terrace 2
photo | At a Paris Cafe
photo | London with Jann Wenner
album | Feel Your Groove
writing | Feel Your Groove: Lyrics
photo | Capitol sessions 1
photo | Capitol sessions 3
photo | Capitol sessions 4
photo | Capitol sessions 5
album | I Lead a Life
production | Journey From Eden / Steve Miller
conversation | Glyn Johns
writing | I Lead A Life: Lyrics
writing | Black Talk: Book
photo | Madison sessions 1
photo | Madison sessions 2
writing | Putting In Time On Planet Earth: Lyrics
production | Sylvester And The Hot Band
album | Puttin’ In Time On Planet Earth
conversation | Mick Jagger
production | Tell Me the Truth / Jon Hendricks
photo | Tony Williams in Boston 1
album | Don’t Let Go
writing | Don’t Let Go: Lyrics
photo | With Jane Fonda 1
photo | Bob Krasnow in Chicago
photo | Ibiza 1
photo | Ibiza 2
photo | With Jon Hendricks
album | Free in America
photo | Unknown Stage shot ‘75
photo | Madison Back Yard
photo | Winter 1976
photo | Bicentenial Bebop Band
gig | Long Island, NY - My Father’s Place
writing | Free In America: Lyrics
photo | San Francisco ‘76, 3
photo | Sing Me A Jazz Song Rehearsal
photo | Sing Me A Jazz Song Taping 1
photo | Sing Me A Jazz Song Rehearsal 3
photo | Sing Me A Jazz Song Rehearsal 4
gig | New York, The Bottom Line
album | A Little Kiss in the Night
photo | With Michael Franks, 1977
photo | Church Key
album | The Doctor is In
gig | Minneapolis - UofM
video | Germany, Music Laden “Broad Daylight”
writing | A Little Kiss In The Night: Lyrics
writing | Live At Montreux: Lyrics
album | Live at Montreux
photo | Montreux, Switzerland
photo | Montreux Performance
writing | The Doctor is In: Lyrics
conversation | Danny Richmond
gig | Tokyo, Theater
photo | Los Angeles promo shoot
writing | The Cat And The Hat: Lyrics
gig | Madison, Bunky’s (Trio)
album | The Cat and The Hat
photo | The Cat and the Hat posse
production | Pat MacDonald
photo | Perched on a chair
photo | Ben and Bunky Green
photo | Leo and Ben on stage
video | Willebskis Film with Archie Shepp “Willow Weep For Me”
photo | At Carnegie Hall
photo | Tim Hauser of the Manhattan Transfer and Ben
photo | Ensmeble singing “Oo Pa Pa Da”
photo | Richie Cole and Ben after the show
photo | Ben and Al Jarreau
photo | Ben and Al Jarreau
video | In Holland, “Charlie’s Blues”
gig | San Francisco, Keystone Korner (Kuartet)
photo | Musicians and promoters in Phoenix
video | Ben Island Promo
video | WHA TV, “Charlie’s Blues”
album | Old Songs for the New Depression
photo | “Old Songs” recording session
video | The Jazz Life featuring Richie Cole
writing | Old Songs For The New Depression: Lyrics
video | The Jazz Life featuring Mike Mainieri
conversation | Jesse Hill
conversation | Freddie Hubbard
conversation | Ben on WBCY
album | Bop City
photo | Talking with the piano
photo | Talking with the piano
photo | Street scene, San Francisco
conversation | Ben on KJAZ
photo | Born in Chicago
gig | Alaska, Fly By Nightclub - 1982 Quartet
photo | London promo shot for “Bopcity”
photo | London promo shot for “Bopcity”
album | Get to the Point
writing | Bob City: Lyrics
photo | Bopcity Band
photo | Ben and Richard in the museum
video | Since I Fell For You
photo | Tokyo photo
photo | Tokyo photo
photo | Ben and Archie Shepp
gig | Boulder, Conference on World Affairs with Spike Robinson, Dave Grusin
photo | Summers end in Minneapolis
photo | Summers end in Minneapolis
conversation | John Scofield Talking Jazz
gig | Chicago, Orphans Club
conversation | Dr. John Talking Jazz
photo | Ben and Dr. John
conversation | Art Blakey Talking Jazz
conversation | Freddie Hubbard Talking Jazz
photo | Ben and Richard Davis
photo | Ben and Richard Davis
photo | Ben and Richard Davis
album | Live at the Elvehjem
production | Night Watch / Ricky Peterson
gig | Alaska, Fly By Nightclub - Organ Quartet
video | Ben Sidran and Richard Davis, Jazz Class on Wisconsin Public TV - 1985
photo | Dr. John at the piano
conversation | Tony Williams Talking Jazz
conversation | Branford Marsalis Talking Jazz
photo | Ben interviewing Chick Corea
album | On the Cool Side
conversation | Jon Hendricks Talking Jazz
conversation | Sonny Rollins Talking Jazz
conversation | Dizzy Gillespie Talking Jazz
photo | Ben interviewing Rudy Van Gelder
writing | Graven Images Article
conversation | Wynton Marsalis Talking Jazz
conversation | Max Roach Talking Jazz
conversation | Miles Davis Talking Jazz
photo | Ben Sidran comes to Sydney
photo | Recording “On the Live Side”
photo | Recording “On the Live Side”
photo | Recording “On the Live Side”
video | Ben On the Live Side - Complete Concert
gig | Boulder, Conference on World Affairs - with Spike Robinson
gig | Sidney, The Basement
production | Pop Bop / Richie Cole
photo | Ben with Dave Brubeck and Marion McPartland
production | Ever Since the World Ended / Mose Allison
conversation | Gil Evans Talking Jazz
album | On the Live Side
writing | Have You Met Barcelona
album | Have You Met in Barcelona
photo | Ben in Nancy, France
conversation | Ben on France Musique
photo | In Bordeau with Leo
photo | Billy and Ben on the boulevard
photo | Don Cherry and Ben
conversation | Herbie Hancock Talking Jazz
conversation | Joe Sample Talking Jazz
production | Spread Your Wings / Clementine
production | Sarah Jane Morris
photo | The band lands in Japan
video | Tokyo, Bravas Club “Straight No Chaser”
video | Tokyo, Bravas Club “Have You Met Miss Jones”
production | Signature / Richie Cole
photo | Leo checks out the Hollywood action
photo | A diverse cast of characters following the gig
photo | Ben, Richie and Janis
photo | Ben and Richard Davis
gig | Minneapolis, Lake Harriett (feat. Steve Miller)
production | Born 2 B Blue / Steve Miller
writing | On The Live Side: Lyrics
photo | Hanging with the Little Giant
photo | Ben with Ben Riley and Johnny Griffin on the Ramblas
photo | Hanging with the Little Giant
photo | Johnny and Ben just before a take
photo | Ben and Johnny Griffin
conversation | George Benson Talking Jazz
conversation | Betty Carter Talking Jazz
gig | Minneapolis, NY’s Eve with Richie Cole
writing | Too Hot to Touch: Lyrics
conversation | Johnny Griffin Talking Jazz
photo | With Karim Abdul-Jabaar in his den
album | Too Hot to Touch
photo | At the festival in Vienne, France
conversation | Michel Petrucciani Talking Jazz
conversation | Ben at Stevens Point
photo | Ben, Bill Cosby and producer Mike Simon
conversation | Donald Fagen Talking Jazz
video | With Steve Miller “Just A Little Bit”
photo | Johnny Copland and Ben on set
photo | In the green room before the taping.
photo | Ben and Charles Wright of the Watts 103rd Street Band
photo | Steve Miller and I share a moment
photo | Miller loves to clown
photo | At the piano with Steve
photo | On stage with Ricky Peterson
photo | Wynton Marsalis, Marcus Roberts and Ben
photo | French singer Clementine and Ben
photo | French singer Clementine and Ben
conversation | Steve Gadd Talking Jazz
video | Rome, D.O.C. “Mitsubishi Boy”
production | Smile Blue / Ricky Peterson
production | My Backyard / Mose Allison
video | Australia Don Lane Show “Girl Talk”
photo | Ben delivering the news
photo | Ben and Billy considering the options
photo | Ben bunnies Steve
photo | It’s an old show-biz lick: I cool him off while he heats up the strings
photo | Surrendering to the rock and roll cosmos
photo | Spacing out in the fog
photo | Standing in Frank Lloyd Wright’s living room
writing | Cool Paradise: Lyrics
album | Cool Paradise
production | Mood Swing / Bob Malach
production | Cool Cat Blues / Georgie Fame
video | Australia With Crossfire “Everything Happens To Me”
gig | Anchorage Performing Arts Center
photo | Bob, Gordy, Billy and Ben
photo | Leo plays the soundcheck with the Miller Band
photo | Has the crowd turned its back on me or have I turned my back on them?
photo | In Maine, wearing protection from the mosquitos
photo | Bobby Malach’s “Mood Swing” musicians
photo | Georgie and Ben discussing the playback of “I Love the Life I Live”
photo | Georgie, Ben and Richard Tee going over the charts
photo | Ben, Georgie, Steve and Richard in the control room
photo | Japan Go Jazz promo shot
photo | Japan Go Jazz promo shot
gig | Tokyo, Club Quattro - with the GoJazz Allstars
video | Go Jazz Allstars in Tokyo “Lip Service”
video | Go Jazz Allstars in Tokyo - Complete Concert
production | The Go Jazz Allstars / Live In Japan
production | The Blues And Me / Georgie Fame
production | Whatever Happened to the Blues / Phil Upchurch
photo | Ben, Doctor John, Georgie Fame
photo | Georgie Fame, Paul Shaffer and Ben
photo | Tommy LiPuma and Ben
photo | Time out for a family moment
photo | Clyde Stubblefield and Michael Bland
photo | Blind Lemon (Les McCann) and Ben
photo | Ben, Gavin Christopher, Phil and Chaka Kahn
writing | Talking Jazz: Book
production | Natural Woman / Giorgia
photo | Ben and Oscar Brown Jr.
photo | Ben with Pops and Mavis Staples
photo | Ben with Pops and Mavis Staples
production | Dragonfly Summer / Michael Franks
photo | Ben in the window
photo | Ben in the window
photo | Ben in the window
photo | Ben casting a large shadow
photo | Dan Hicks, Michael Franks and Ben
production | Stolen Moments / The Lady Sings Jazz and Blues / Diana Ross
production | Gege and the Boparazzi
video | Rome with Roberto Gatto and Stefano di Battista “Straight No Chaser”
photo | Gil Goldstein
photo | Bob Mintzer
photo | Lee Konitz
photo | The Boparazzi crew
production | Clementine Sings Ben Sidran
video | Talking Jazz Book Reading, Madison
writing | The Jazz Of Stuart Davis - Article
conversation | Tommy Lipuma
production | The Earth Wants You / Mose Allison
conversation | Ben and Peter on Hoop Dreams
production | Oh! / Will Lee
photo | Promoting something (I forget)
photo | Ben in between takes
production | A Tear Can Tell / Ricky Peterson
video | Ben on CBS Sunday Morning for “Life’s a Lesson”
album | Life’s a Lesson
production | The Searcher / Bob Malach
video | Gege Telesforo featuring Jon Hendricks and Clark Terry “Mumbles” - GoJazz Artists Series
photo | Go Jazz Allstars in Japan
photo | Ben in the control room
conversation | Ben on KCRW
production | Love Is Strange / Phil Upchurch
gig | Madison, Cafe Montmartre - with Gege Telesforo
photo | Ben in the dark 1
production | Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison
video | Madison, Union Terrace with Frank Morgan “Kansas City”
production | The Mother Tongue / Gege
writing | Mr. P’s Shuffle: Lyrics
album | Mr. P’s Shuffle
video | Ohne Filter “Too Hot To Touch”
photo | Go Jazz Allstars in Germany
photo | At La Villa, rue Jacob, Paris
photo | At La Villa, rue Jacob, Paris
photo | At La Villa, rue Jacob, Paris
gig | Madison, Cafe Montmartre - with Bob Malach, Mel Ford, Ricky Peterson
conversation | Mose Allison - Sentient Meat
photo | Clyde Stubblefield, Frank Morgan, Richard Davis and Ben
photo | Ben outside the club
photo | Ben and Roscoe Mitchell
production | Solita / Clementine
video | Ben Sidran, Georgie Fame, Van Morrison, Mose Allison “Tell Me Something”
production | When the Wind Was Cool / Dominique Eade
photo | With Mose Allison in London
photo | Ben and Leo in Washington D.C.
photo | The Celebrity Lounge
photo | Ben and Richard Davis at the performance
photo | Paul Motian, Mose and Ratso Harris
production | Gimcracks and Gewgaws / Mose Allison
conversation | Quincy Jones
production | Rhapsody And Blues / Phil Upchurch
album | Live at the Celebrity Lounge
conversation | Frank Morgan
conversation | Bob Dorough
production | Live At The Quest / The Minneapolis Allstars
photo | Promo shots in Paris
photo | The band at Orchestra Hall, Chicago
conversation | Phil Woods
photo | Ben playing Lorca’s piano
production | L Sid / Leo Sidran
photo | Ben and Leo in Amsterdam
video | Go Jazz Allstars Ohne Filter “Mr. Ps Shuffle”
photo | Recording “Poet In New York” with Georgie Fame
photo | The gathering of the tribes on the East side of Madison
photo | The gathering of the tribes on the East side of Madison
production | Vietnam Long Time Coming
album | The Concert for Garcia Lorca
conversation | Van Morrison
production | New Train / Paul Pena
production | Poet In New York / Georgie Fame
production | It’s Like This / Rickie Lee Jones
video | Spain Lo Mas Plus with Leo Sidran “Sevillanas / Huerto”
photo | London club night with Tony Bennett
photo | John Pizzarelli, Ben, Rickie Lee Jones
video | Conference On World Affairs “A Good Travel Agent”
production | Conversations With Michel / Bob Malach
production | The Mose Chronicles Vol. 1 / Mose Allison
production | Hoop Dreams
production | El Elefante / Ben and Leo Sidran
video | Barlow Planetarium Lecture
album | Walk Pretty
video | Madrid, Cafe Central - with Quintet featuring Bob Malach and Gege Telesforo
conversation | Ben in Barcelona
photo | Ben in London
photo | Ben and band in London
video | Osaka Blue Note “Walk Pretty”
photo | Ben. Tammy Baldwin, and the former president
photo | Ben at Motion Blue, Yokohama, Japan
photo | Ben at Motion Blue, Yokohama, Japan
production | The Original / Clyde Stubblefield
video | Encore In Yokohama
conversation | Ben on Area Reservada
photo | El Elefante cover photo shoot
conversation | Ben on TTBOOK
production | Bob’s Ben / Bob Rockwell
photo | The gig starts at 8:15
gig | Madison, Union Theater (Jewish Music Concert)
video | Germany, Music Planet “You Can’t Judge A Book”
video | Germany, Music Planet with Georgie Fame “Symphony Sid”
photo | After show party in Madrid
video | Go Jazz Allstars in Berlin
photo | Ben in Rome 3
video | Ben Making Nick’s Bump Drink
gig | Bayfield, Wisconsin - Big Top Chataqua - with Jorge Drexler
production | Bohemia / Leo Sidran
photo | Nicks Bumps Band in the studio
photo | Nicks Bumps Band in the studio
album | Nick’s Bump
production | Dissertation on the State of Bliss / Tom Wopat
writing | Ben Sidran A Life in the Music: Book
photo | Barcelona pub crawl through the Gotico
photo | At the Blue Note in Milan, Italy
photo | Cruising with Molly the Poodle
photo | Ben and Shirley Manson backstage
photo | Cleveland celebrates its native son
photo | The Cafe Montmartre vibe
photo | Cruising with Molly the Poodle
photo | Outside the Blue Note in Fukuoka, Japan
photo | Ben’s birthday in Osaka, Japan
album | Bumpin at the Sunside
photo | Les Paul day in Wisconsin
writing | Bumpin’ at the Sunside: Lyrics
gig | Madison, Jazz at Five - Organ Night Band
photo | Portrait
album | Live a Fip
photo | Ben, Sonny Rollins, Phil Upchurch
photo | Ben with the Funk Allstars
photo | Ben with the Funk Allstars
photo | At book festival in Deia with (L to R) Lucia Graves and Laura Garcia Lorca
photo | At book festival with Cynthia Lennon
photo | On stage with Peter Bogdanovich
photo | On the streets of Barcelona
photo | Ben, Boz and Jorge perform the songs
photo | Boz, Jorge, Ben talk about song writing
gig | Madison, Capitol Theater - with Jorge Drexler, Boz Scaggs
photo | On stage at the Cotton Club
conversation | Ben Sidran Talking Jazz
photo | The Artist Quarter, Minneapolis
production | Talking Jazz Box Set
photo | On stage, Grignan, France
photo | In Morelia, Mexico
photo | On stage at the Jazz Bakery, LA
photo | Out of the pad in Paris
photo | Ben and Georgie
photo | Painting with light
video | Lecture “If You’re Not Having Fun You’re Doing It Wrong”
conversation | Ben on NPR for Talking Jazz
photo | Jazz at 5 in Mad City
gig | Grignan, France
photo | Valencia, Spain
photo | In Soria, Spain
video | Ben Sidran Cien Noches at the Cafe Central, 2007
photo | The hall of mirrors
photo | Local talent
photo | Goodbye
photo | Ben and Georgie
photo | Running the voodoo down on stage
photo | Running the voodoo down on stage
photo | Party geishas in the hotel lobby
photo | The Fame / Sidran Quintet
gig | Tokyo Cotton Club - With Georgie Fame, 2008
gig | NY, Jazz Standard Organ Night
album | Cien Noches
photo | Rome book reading with music
photo | View from the stage, Madrid, Spain
photo | At the Sunset in Paris
photo | Monte Carlo
photo | Monte Carlo
photo | Buddy Greco and Ben
photo | Meanwhile back at the Cotton Club in Tokyo
photo | Meanwhile back at the Cotton Club in Tokyo
gig | Tokyo, Cotton Club - Nardis Review
photo | Rehearsing for the Dylan project with Rodolphe Burger
photo | Mad City autumn
album | Dylan Different
gig | Paris, Sunside - Dylan Different Band
photo | The Hotel Jazz
photo | The cave called The Jamboree in Barcelona
photo | At the Guggenheim in Bilbao
photo | Recording the music for Clementine’s “Going Uptown” album.
conversation | Ben with Bobby Jackson
photo | Ben in Catania
photo | Ben watching soundcheck
photo | A different drummer
photo | The band in black
photo | Man at his best
gig | Sicily, Caltenisseta - Quartet (Dylan Different)
video | Love Minus Zero / Dylan Different Live At The New Morning
photo | At the New Morning, Paris
photo | The Montreal Jazz Festival
video | Minneapolis rehearsal “Highway 61”
gig | Minneapolis, Dakota - Dylan Different
gig | Tokyo, Cotton Club - Dylan Different
photo | My Street
album | Dylan Different Live at the New Morning
gig | Paris, Sunside - Quartet + Rodolphe Burger (FIP Radio Broadcast, Interview and Concert)
production | Going Uptown / Clementine
photo | Peter Straub, Lorrie Moore and Ben at the Algonquin
photo | Ben in Ronciglioni, Italy
photo | Ben in Ronciglioni, Italy
photo | Las Palmas, Canary Islands
photo | Living the Dream
photo | The Blues and the Reds
photo | Just the Blues
gig | Vienna, Porgy and Bess - Quartet (Dylan Different Retirement Party)
gig | Wisconsin Science Festival - The Present Moment (with Richie Davidson)
video | Wisconsin Science Festival with Richie Davidson, “Present Moment”
video | Private Guy Original Demo
writing | There Was a Fire: Book
photo | Distinguished Alumnus
gig | Madison, Wisconsin Science Festival - with Richie Davidson
video | Phoenix, Musical Instrument Museum - Jews, Music and the American Dream - Performance and Lecture
gig | Fall Book Tour 2012: Oct 13-November 8
video | Wisconsin Book Festival - Jews, Music and the American Dream
photo | A Paris Portrait
photo | Take me to the Bridge
conversation | Ben Sidran Radio: Episode 1
writing | Don’t Cry For No Hipster: Lyrics
conversation | Ben with Gary Walker on WBGO for “Jews, Music and the American Dream”
video | New York, Center for Jewish History - Jews as culture brokers
conversation | Ben Sidran Radio: Episode 2
conversation | Ben with Dave Iverson on KQED for “Jews, Music and the American Dream”
album | Don’t Cry For No Hipster
gig | SPRING 2013 Gigs
photo | Yoshis, Oakland
conversation | Ben on KCSM “Desert Island”
photo | New York Masterminds: With Mark Ruffin and Tommy LiPuma
video | The Pace Report: “The Educated Hipster”
photo | Barbes, Brooklyn
video | Tokyo Cotton Club “The King Of Harlem”
photo | Backstage in Tokyo
conversation | Ben Sidran Radio: Episode 4
conversation | Ben on WTF with Marc Maron
gig | FALL 2013 GIGS
video | Paris, Sunset - “Groove Is Gonna Get You Through Times Of No Money”
photo | Barcelona, Jamboree - Quartet
video | Atlanta Jewish Music Festival - Jews, Music and the American Dream
video | New School For Jazz - Eyes of the Masters presentation
photo | The Seine Changes
video | TedX - Embrace Your Inner Hipster
video | Dee’s Dilemma - recording session
video | Blue Camus EPK
album | Blue Camus
writing | Blue Camus Lyrics
gig | Steve Miller Band - Children of the Future
gig | Steve Miller Band - Brave New World
gig | Steve Miller Band - Your Saving Grace
gig | Steve Miller Band - Number 5
gig | Gene Clark - White Light
video | With Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, Mose Allison
video | Ben on One Shot Not with Manu Katché
photo | Outside with my guide Clyde
writing | A Life In The Music - Audio Book
video | 2015 The Literary Year
writing | Talking Jazz With Ben Sidran Volume 1
writing | Talking Jazz With Ben Sidran Volume 2
photo | With Andre DeShields
gig | Copenhagen Jazzhus Montmartre
video | Blacks, Jews and the American Dream
conversation | Third Story Podcast: Welcome To Copenhagen
photo | We’re Hip - with Leo Sidran, Bob Dorough, and Jamie Cullum
conversation | Third Story Podcast: Inspiration comes from Life at the Newport Jazz Festival
video | Rockburn Presents Ben Sidran
video | Jazz Music Use It or Lose It
video | National Writers Series
gig | FALL GIGS 2015
photo | Cats in Paris
gig | Paris Sunside
conversation | What Paris Felt Like
photo | With Paquito D’Rivera
video | “Picture Him Happy” live in Brooklyn
gig | SUMMER 2016 GIGS
photo | Clevage 1
video | Ben on Bird
photo | Stooping
writing | Picture Him Happy Lyrics
video | Picture Him Happy EPK
video | Picture Him Happy - Lyric Video + Nightclub Intro
album | Picture Him Happy
video | MILES DAVIS on Dizzy & Drawing
video | I Might Be Wrong - official video
conversation | Ben on Neon Jazz with Joe Dimino
video | SONNY ROLLINS on Monk and the Bridge
photo | Laughing through the tears
photo | In the swamp
gig | MOBTOWN TOUR 2017
video | I Might Be Wrong - on TSF Jazz in Paris
gig | FALL 2017 GIGS
photo | Paris with Ricky Ford
photo | Madrid, Gran Via
video | Playing Ellington in Madrid
production | The Madison Reunion
video | Ben and Kurt Elling “Doodlin’” in Chicago
album | Ben There, Done That: Ben Sidran Live Around The World (1975-2015)
video | The Funkasaurus
video | Ben on “Freethought Now”
conversation | Ben on Jazz Inspired with Judy Carmichael
photo | At The Green Mill Chicago
photo | Atlanta Jewish Festival
gig | Atlanta Jewish Music Festival
album | We The People
video | We The People
conversation | Madison Bookbeat Interview with Ben
conversation | Ben on All That’s Jazz Podcast
writing | The Ballad Of Tommy LiPuma
video | Times Getting Tougher Than Tough
video | It’s All Been Done Before
video | Who’s The Old Guy Now
gig | Solo Live Stream Concert
video | Live Stream Concert - Stories and Songs
conversation | Ben on Neranenah Scholars with Joe Alterman
video | Old Wine, New Bottle (Video)
video | Old Wine, New Bottle (Video)
album | Who’s The Old Guy Now

Who’s The Old Guy Now



There’s an expression “older but wiser.” I don’t know I'm any wiser

but I definitely am older. And that’s the good news. There are
advantages to being the Old Guy. Especially now. A developed
sense of humor and a deeper historical vision come to mind.

My son Leo and I went into the studio in Madison for a couple of days in
August of 2020. I have the good fortune to work with this man
who can play any instrument and play it well and who
understands both song writing and record production. So all I
had to do was be myself and carry some water; Leo dug the well,
filled the bucket and brought it up to the surface. Dig the well.

A word about John Ellis. Word!

These songs are about timeless times. They come from a deeper than usual place because that’s where we’re all living
today. The cave is the new wave … old wine, new bottle …. stay positive, test negative. - Ben Sidran, October, 2020

Produced by Leo Sidran
All songs by Ben and Leo Sidran (Bulldog Music / ASCAP

Ben Sidran: piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond organ, vocals
Leo Sidran: drums, bass, guitar, Hammond organ, vocals
John Ellis: bass clarinet and clarinet (4)
Billy Peterson: bass (1)
Paul Peterson: guitar (1)
Ricky Peterson: Hammond organ (1)
Moses Patrou: percussion (1,3)

We The People
Who’s The Old Guy Now
Old Wine, New Bottle (Video)
Old Wine, New Bottle (Video)
We The People (Animated Video)
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